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How do I publish Email Template add-ons?

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Vtiger Add-ons Publisher allows you to design and create email templates in the CRM. For other users to use your email template, you must publish it as an add-on to the Vtiger Marketplace.
Note: You can also publish custom templates.

Follow these steps to publish your email templates as add-ons in the Marketplace:
  1. Log in to your Developer edition account.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Click Platform.
  4. Click Add-ons Publisher.
  5. Click Create Add-on.
  6. Click Create, corresponding to the Publish Email Templates option. The Create add-on window opens.
  7. Enter or select the information for the following:
    1. Add-on name: Enter a name for your add-on(Email template pack).
    2. Template cards: Select the templates to add them to the Email template pack.
  8. Click Save as Draft to make changes before publishing the add-on.
  1. Click Submit to publish the add-on. 
  2. Log in to or open your Marketplace account.
  3. Click Publish Add-on. The Publish to Vtiger Marketplace window pops up.
  4. Enter or select the information for the following:
    1. Publisher Name: Enter your name(Auto-filled based on the user profile).
    2. Publisher Email: Enter your email address(Auto-filled based on the user profile). 
    3. Listing Name: Enter the name of your add-on.
    4. Category: Select the add-on category from the drop-down(Auto-filled).
    5. Price: Enter the selling price of your add-on.
    6. Version: Enter the updated version of your add-on.
    7. Short Summary: Enter a brief description of your add-on.
    8. Description: Enter a detailed description of your add-on.
    9. Thumbnail: Click Browse and choose the required image. This image will be the thumbnail for the Add-on in the Marketplace.
  5. Click Publish.
After you submit the add-on, Vtiger’s internal team will review and approve it. Once approved, it will be available for other users to install from the Marketplace.

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