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What is the Input tab in Insights Designer?

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This is where you can configure the input data source - the application from where data will be fetched. The Insight Designer supports multiple input types - Query, Webservice Query, CSV, and Custom REST APIs.
Input > Query 
If you want to fetch data directly from your instance Database, you can use this data source. When you select this source, the system gives you a Vtiger Query builder where you can fill in details to build the query. An estimated query will be shown at the bottom after you fill in the details.
Merge Fields: You can see Merge Fields on the right-hand side of Input. Those are the filters you enabled in Insight. You can use filters to add conditions to your insight. Clicking on the Merge Field will copy the merge tag to the clipboard. You can then paste it in the conditions at the required position.

Input > Webservice Query
The behavior of this data source is the same as the query, but this will accept only Webservice queries. The query support in Vtiger web services can be built from this data source. 
Input > CSV
Sometimes, you may receive information in a CSV file - an exported file from Google Sheets or any other 3rd party application. You can upload the CSV to an Insight Widget and configure it to display the data in the preferred output. You can upload a file up to 5MB.
Input > Custom Rest APIs
The Vtiger API Designer is a helpful tool that you can use to build custom Rest APIs to connect with different applications. The Insight Designer allows you to use the custom Rest API as the input source. You can build custom REST APIs and connect them to the Insights Designer to help you fetch data from different external applications.

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