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What is field mapping in the Vtiger CRM and Magento integration?

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You can sync information from the Contacts, Products, and Sales Orders modules in the Vtiger Magento integration. For the sync to be successful, the fields in Vtiger modules have to map or match the fields in Magento. The below tables display the fields in Vtiger that need to be mapped to the fields in Magento.

Mappings for Contacts

Vtiger Contacts Magento Customers
First Name First Name
Last Name Last Name
Primary Email Email
Mobile Phone Shipping Address Telephone
Office Phone Billing Address Telephone
Shipping Address Shipping Address
Billing Address Billing Address
Date of Birth DOB

Mappings for Products

Vtiger Products Magento Products
Product Name Name
Part Number SKU
Product Category Root Category
Sub category Subcategory
Unit Price Price
Description Description
Quantity in Stock Qty


Mapping for Sales Orders

Vtiger Sales Order Magento Orders
Contact Name (Autocreated)  
Organization Name (Autocreated)  
Status Order Status
Billing Address Billing Address
Shipping Address Shipping Address
Line Items  
Item Name Product
Quantity Qty
Price List Price
Shipping & Handling Charges Shipping & Handling
Items Total Subtotal
Tax Tax on Product
Grand Total Grand Total
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