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What are the limitations of sending SMS messages in integration with Kaleyra?

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When sending an SMS from Vtiger CRM through the integration with Kaleyra SMS provider, there are a few limitations to be aware of:
  • Message Volume and Throughput: Kaleyra or Vtiger CRM may have limitations on the number of messages that can be sent within a given timeframe. 
  • Message Length: In most cases, SMS messages are limited to 160 characters per message. 
  • Character Encoding: Different languages and special characters may require specific character encoding for SMS messages.
  • Sender ID Limitations: The sender ID displayed on recipients' phones may be subject to restrictions imposed by mobile network operators or regulatory requirements. 
  • Opt-Out Management: Compliance with opt-out or unsubscribe requests from recipients is crucial when sending SMS messages. 
  • Delivery Confirmation: While Kaleyra strives for high message deliverability rates, message delivery failures or delays may occur due to factors beyond their control, such as recipient network issues or carrier restrictions. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: When sending SMS messages, adhering to applicable laws and regulations, such as GDPR or TCPA, is important. 
It's essential to thoroughly test the integration between Vtiger CRM and Kaleyra SMS provider, review the documentation, and understand the limitations to ensure successful SMS communication and compliance with your business requirements and industry regulations.

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