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What data can be analyzed in the Players module?

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The following data can be analyzed in the Players module:
  • Phone calls: It generates the data below from voice recordings and transcripts.
  • Talk-to-Listen Ratio - Find out how much your sales reps spoke on a client call. Ideally, in a conversation between agents and customers, agents must speak only for 50-60% of the entire duration. 
  • Mood - Is your sales rep speaking passionately or reading from a script? Calculus helps you detect the mood of your sales reps from their tone. 
  • Rate of Speech - Is the sales rep too fast or too slow? Calculus rates their speech automatically. After analyzing the phone calls, Calculus automatically flags conversations that need to be reviewed by managers. 
  • Meeting actions - It also identifies action items or next steps discussed on calls and notifies sales and support reps about them.  
  • Emails: The AI-based Calculus analyzes emails to do the following: 
  • Identifying improvement areas - It looks for grammatical errors and completeness of response.
  • Email Reply Assistant - Information is available at your fingertips when you have to reply to a prospect or a client!
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