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What are the Onboarding Components?

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 The Onboarding feature pop-up displays the following:

  1. Your name and the How can we help you? tagline.
  2. Search field: This helps you to look for any specific Vtiger CRM modules or features. You can type the text you want to get information about in the Search field.
  3. FAQs: This displays FAQs related to the module or app the user is currently in.
  4. Knowledge Base Portal: This directs you to the Vtiger Knowledge Base Portal. You can find articles related to all modules here. 
  5. Vtiger Academy: This directs you to Vtiger’s LMS portal, where you can take different courses to understand the CRM.
  6. Product Tour:  This takes you through the pictorial representations of different features in Vtiger.
  7. Need Help? Chat: This helps you connect with Vtiger CRM executives to report issues or seek assistance if required.
  8. Request CRM Demo: This helps you select a date to have the demo.
  9. Feedback: This helps users send their valuable assessment of the CRM to Vtiger.
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