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What are Server Scripts and Jobs in Vtiger CRM?

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In web development, server scripts bring websites to life by interacting with databases, doing calculations, and crafting HTML to send them back to your browsers.
Sometimes you may need custom processing on the server, either triggered by a record getting updated or happening at a regular scheduled time. The Server Scripts and Jobs module in Vtiger allows you to write server-side scripts to perform various tasks. 
Using the feature you can perform a custom action with the following triggers:
  • When a record is saved (through workflows or processes).
  • When a record is approved or rejected (through approvals). 
You can also create custom background jobs to run at fixed intervals.

Server Scripts

  • These are triggered when a record is saved, approved, or rejected, usually set up within workflows, processes, or approvals.
  • They receive both the data of the record being saved and user information.
  • Tasks include updating record data based on complex logic, creating records in other modules, or sending emails through external services.
  • They execute immediately and can slow down record saves if they take too long.

Server Jobs

  • These are background tasks that run at scheduled intervals (like hourly, daily, or weekly).
  • They don't receive user or record data but run under the owner user's context.
  • Useful for heavy and periodic tasks such as fetching data from external services or sending data to them.
  • They operate in the background without blocking CRM operations.
  • Scheduled and executed by a service, which manages its load and returns results to the CRM after execution.
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