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What is the IP address of Vtiger, Which the I need to add to our server inorder to access the Vtiger domain
Should the employee have User account in Vtiger CRM to create internal tickets?
How to enable notifications on internal tickets?
Is Employee module available in all editions?
Why is employees module used?
What is the difference between a user and an employee?
How to add an employee?
Can a non-admin user add an employee record?
How to delete an employee record?

How to create a planned maintenance work order request?

Vtiger process flow for planned maintenance
  1. A work order is created from the service contract with Service type = Scheduled Maintenance. Location is Onsite/ Remote based on the location of the service.
  2. Optionally, service appointments can be generated from a service contract and scheduled based on the terms of service.
  3. Service request on completion reduces the number of service requests pending for the customer.
  4. Any part replaced to fulfil the service request is billed as the part( product) cost as per price book.
  5. Any additional service performed during the service request is billed as the service cost as per price book.
Refer this link for more details.
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