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What is My Sales Dashboard?
How can I create a dashboard?
How can I create a standard widget in my dashboard?
How can I create a mini list in my dashboard?
How can I add a customized chart to my dashboard?
How can I create a notepad in my dashboard?
Can I add the charts I have created, to the sale dashboard?
What actions can I perform on a dashboard?

What is Sales Leaderboard in dashboards?

The Sales Leaderboard is for sales managers who have subordinates working under them. It has five default widgets displaying the following:
  1. Sales leaderboard: Top 10 performers are sorted by the number of deals they closed during the selected period
  2. Top deals of the month: Top 10 deals closed in the selected period, sorted by deal amount
  3. Top product sales: Top 10 products sold during the selected period
  4. Top representative by activities completed: Names of the top 10 sales rep, sorted by the number of activities (events and tasks) they completed in the selected period
  5. Top representative by win percentage: Name of the sales rep with the highest win percentage
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