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How to create an Email Sequence?

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Follow these steps to create an Email Sequence:
  1. Adding the recipients- You can add up to 150 recipients in each sequence. The recipient list is created by adding the contact’s email ID.
  2. Defining the stages- Adding Stages to the sequence is the primary feature in an Email Sequence. You can do this by clicking the +Add Sequence Stage button.
    Every stage will contain the following:
    • Subject- You can provide a subject that describes what the email contains.
    • Select Email Template- You can select an existing template or create a new one and embed it into your sequence by clicking the Select Email Template Button.
    • Body- The field in which the actual content is written.
    • Schedule- You can send email sequences at the time of creation or schedule it for later. This can be done by clicking the Schedule button. You can select any of the below timings from the drop-down depending upon the previous stage:
      • Now
      • Later Today 6 PM
      • Tomorrow 9 AM
      • 2 days later 9 AM
      • 3 days later 9 AM.
    • Preview- By clicking the Preview button, you can view the email as a recipient and check if the email is delivered properly to the contacts.
    • Send test mail- You can send a test mail to yourself to check if the email template is rendered properly.
    • Stage conditions- Stage 1 in an email sequence is mandatory and is executed without any conditions while Stage 2 to Stage 5  in the sequence will be triggered based on the status of the previous mail.
      • Setting up the conditions- If the previous stage email is replied/is not replied/opened in a number of hours/days/weeks.
      • Setting up the actions- Then Send Email/Create task and schedule the time at which it has to be sent.
  3. Other Settings- Other Settings is the page where you can view the people associated with the sequence.
    Other Settings has two fields:
    • Assigned to- This is a mandatory field that displays the user to whom the sequence is assigned to. The default value of this field is the creator of the sequence.
    • Shared Users- This is an optional field that will be empty by default. You can add other users, roles and groups and share with them.
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