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What are Email Sequences?
How to create an Email Sequence?
How can I delete an Email Sequence?
Can I duplicate an Email Sequence?
Can I delete a stage in a sequence?
Can I have a sequence with no stages?
How can I delete a recipient?
How many sequences are allowed for sales professional?
How many recipients can I add in a sequence?
Can a recipient be active in more than one sequence?
What will happen if I stop a sequence at stage 3?
Can I restore a deleted sequence?

Can I stop an Email Sequence?

Stop Sequence will stop an active sequence and emails will not be sent out to the recipients. The sequence will now be in Inactive mode. 
You can stop an email sequence by any of these two methods: 
  1. Clicking the Stop button in the List View.
  2. Clicking the Stop sequence button in the Summary View.
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