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How do I upload a document?

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You can upload and save the document internally in Vtiger CRM or externally in Google Drive or Dropbox.
Follow these steps to upload a document:
  1. Log in to the CRM.
  2. Click the Main Menu.
  3. Click the Sales tab.
  4. Select the Documents module.
  5. Click the +Add Document button on the top right corner of the List view.
  6. Select Upload documents
  7. Click the drop-down for upload to
  8. Select the destination where the documents have to be uploaded. (Vtiger, Google Drive or Dropbox)
  9. Provide a title for the document.
  10. Select the folder in which the document has to be uploaded.
  11. Select a file from your computer.
  12. Click Upload.
To learn more about Documents, click here.
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