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What are Documents?
What are the three types of Documents?
How to create a folder?
How to create a document?
Can I upload a document?
Can I share a document?
Can I download a document from Vtiger CRM?
Can I share a document as a link?
Why is the Documents module important?
Can I re-share a document from the document viewer?
How to download a document from the List View?
Can I create a Document from Quick Create?

How to link folders and document to Vtiger CRM?

Follow these steps to link any external folder or a document to Vtiger’s Documents.:
  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Click the Essentials tab.
  3. Select the Documents module.
  4. Click the +Add Document button on the top right corner of the List view.
  5. Select Link documents/folders.
  6. Click the Attach files from drop-down and choose one of the following document sources:
  • File URL
    1. Provide a title for the document.
    2. Select the person who is assigned to this document. 
    3. Provide the folder name where the document has to be uploaded.
    4. Paste the URL.
    5. Click Save.
  • Google Drive folder
    1. Log in to your Google account
    2. Select the file you want to link from the list.
    3. Click Link.
  • Dropbox
    1. Log in to your Dropbox account
    2. Select the file you want to link from the list.
    3. Click Link.
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