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What are Documents?
What are the three types of Documents?
How to create a folder?
How to create a document?
Can I upload a document?
How to link folders and document to Vtiger CRM?
Can I download a document from Vtiger CRM?
Can I share a document as a link?
Why is the Documents module important?
Can I re-share a document from the document viewer?
How to download a document from the List View?
Can I create a Document from Quick Create?

Can I share a document?

To share a document with the customer, you need to first upload it to Vtiger as an Internal document in PDF format.
  • From the Share icon in the List View- You can share a document with your customer directly from the List View by hovering over a particular record.
    1. Click the Menu icon.
    2. Click the Essentials tab.
    3. Select the Documents module.
    4. In the List View, hover over a particular document.
    5. Click the Share icon.
    6. An email compose window is opened with the document link.
    7. Enter the recipient/s.
    8. Fill other details.
    9. Click Share.
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