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What is an Approval?
How many approvers can be setup for an approval rule?
How can I submit an Approval?
Can I configure approvals for Inbox module?
Can I edit the approval record whose status is 'Waiting for approval'?
What does the Auto-canceled status mean in an approval record?
Can I add a group for an approver?
How can I delete an approval?
How does an approval process work in Vtiger CRM?

How can I setup an Approval?

An approval process can be set up by any user with Administrator privileges.
To set-up approvals, follow these steps:
  1. Click on your picture on the right-hand corner of the screen.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Under Automation, Select Approvals.
  4. Click on the New Approval button.
  5. Provide Basic Information
    • Select the module from the drop-down.
    • Provide a unique name for the approval.
    • Set the approval as Active or Inactive.
    • Give a short description that explains about the approval.
  6. Set up entry criteria
    • Add entry criteria for the approvals process.
    • Set unique field criteria that the record must meet to proceed with the approval process. Only when the entry criteria are met, the Approval process is run on save of a record.
    • For example, If the Expense location is India, execute India process rules. If the Expense location is the US, execute US process rules.
  7. Configure Rules- Set the rules for the approval process to execute. The rules are executed sequentially only if the entry criteria are met.
    • Rule Name- Provide a unique name for the rule and set the criteria. If the mentioned criteria are met, the rule is executed.
    • Owner profiles- Select profiles from a drop-down. A rule gets executed if record owner profile matches the rules configured.
    • Approval matrix- Choose the approvers for the rule. You can configure up to 3 levels of approvers for a single rule.
  8. Final Approval and Rejection actions
    • Select the action to be executed on Final Approval and Rejection of the record.
    • You can add up to 10 actions for a single approval.
    • The actions can be adding an event, task, creating the record, updating fields, sending email alerts and push notifications, calling webhooks or custom functions.
  9. Lastly, activate all the actions and click Save.
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