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What is importing?
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Can I import products and services while importing a price book?
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What are the steps to import records into Vtiger CRM?
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Can I import data into custom fields?

What are the pre-requisites to importing records?

Before you start importing files, make sure you have checked for these prerequisites:  
  1. Mandatory fields
Your local file in .csv, .vcf, or .ics format must have all the data to fill the mandatory fields of the CRM. 
For instance, Last Name is a mandatory field in the Contacts module. When importing contacts, your local file with contact details must have a field that can be mapped to Last Name. 
Note: If your local file does not provide a value for a mandatory field in the CRM, then the value of the mandatory field is set to ‘????’. Non-mandatory fields can remain empty.
  1. File size 
The size of the local file that you are importing must not exceed 50 MB. You will not be able to import files of size greater than 50 MB.
  1. Access permissions
To import files, you need to have access rights. Make sure to have access before you start looking for Import.
If you are an Admin user, you can disable import access to Standard users.
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