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What is an Approval?
How can I setup an Approval?
How many approvers can be setup for an approval rule?
How can I submit an Approval?
Can I edit the approval record whose status is 'Waiting for approval'?
What does the Auto-canceled status mean in an approval record?
Can I add a group for an approver?
How can I delete an approval?
How does an approval process work in Vtiger CRM?

Can I configure approvals for Inbox module?

No. Approvals cannot be configured for the Inbox module.
Here is the list of modules for which Approvals cannot be configured:
  • Comments
  • Inbox
  • Email Campaigns
  • Phone calls¬†
  • Olark
  • Esign
  • Mail Manager
  • SMS Notifier
  • Tasks
  • Time Logs
  • Transactions
  • Marketing List
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