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What is an organization?
What is an organization record?
How can I view organization details?
What happens to an organization when I delete its related contacts?

How do I create an organization record?

You can create an organization record either from the Organizations module or while creating a contac or a deal.

From the Organizations module:
  1. Click the +Add Organization button on the top right corner
  2. Fill in the organization details. Note: All fields marked with an * are mandatory fields
  3. Click Save.
  • Click Save and Continue if you need to add more details (under Deep Dive)
  • You can enter extensive details for an organization including VAS information, discounts, contact details, billing, lead scores, etc. in the Deep Dive view of an organization.
  • You can¬†reach out to an organization or create a quote, contacts, service contracts, sales orders, etc. from the Summary view of an organization record.
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