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What are emotional journeys?
How does Vtiger CRM track customer emotions?
Which customer interactions are tracked to build an emotional journey?
How are email sentiments tracked?
Where can I view emoticons?
What are customer journeys?
What are the benefits of emotional journeys?
What are the benefits of customer journeys?

How can I attach en emotion to an event?

You will be prompted to choose an emoticon to describe how an event went when you mark it as 'Held' from the:
  • List View
  • Calendar View
  • Summary View
  • Deep Dive View

Follow these steps to attach an emoticon to an event:
  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Go to Essentials.
  3. Click Events.
  4. Select an event and click the tick symbol to mark the event as ‘Held’.
  5. Select an emoticon.
  6. Click Submit.
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