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How to Print a record using a Template?
What are print templates?
What is the benefit of using Vtiger's Print Templates?
How do I view existing print templates?
What are the functions available on the Print Template list view screen?
How do I create a print template?
How do I edit a print template?
Can I add a barcode to my print code?
Can I insert esigns into my print template?
How do I delete a print template?

How do I duplicate a print template?

You can duplicate email templates by following these steps:
  1. Click Tools.
  2. Click Print Templates.
    • The system displays the list of available print templates
  3. Select the print template you want to duplicate by clicking on it.
    • The system takes you to the details page
  4. Click the More icon displayed beside the template name.
  5. Click the Duplicate icon.
  6. Change the required details.
    • Changing the template name is mandatory¬†¬†
  7. Click Save.
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