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How can I delete a group mailbox?
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What is My Mailbox?
What is a group mailbox?

What are the perks of using Sales Inbox?

With Vtiger CRM’s Sales Inbox, you can do a lot more than just sending and receiving emails! 

It removes some of the common constraints of regular email clients –
  • Emails are not assigned to any user on receipt.
  • Closed conversations take up space in the inbox.
  • Setting up reply-to email IDs is difficult. 
  • Collaboration with the team must happen outside email conversations.
  • Managing separate mailboxes is tedious. 
  • Emails are not linked to CRM records directly.

Sales Inbox puts you at ease about these problems with the following possibilities: 

Email assignment: Emails directed to your team members can be viewed in group mailboxes. These emails can be assigned to a member of the group directly from the mailbox.
Marking emails as ‘Done’: When work on an email is complete, mark the email as ‘Done’ and move it out of your inbox. Emails marked as ‘Done’ go to the Done folder.
Reply-to email IDs: Select reply-to email IDs dynamically while composing emails! You can select any of your email IDs set up in Inbox as a reply-to email.
Comments in emails: Collaborate with your team members on a group mailbox through comments! Mention your team members on an email and they will get a notification in the Actions dashboard.
Email syncing: Sync emails between your CRM inbox and email client easily and view them all in the CRM! Two-way sync makes this possible.
Automated email linking: When an email is received, you can automatically link it to the contact that sent the email by setting up Mailroom rules.
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