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Can I insert links in my email?

Yes. You can insert links to appointment pages, surveys, and documents in your email by clicking the Insert Link drop-down in the Compose Email window.

a. Insert Appointment Link
Vtiger CRM’s Appointment Pages save you from the trouble of sending back-and-forth emails to schedule a meeting with a customer. You can create an appointment page by going to Tools > Productivity > Appointment Pages.
Select Insert Appointment Link from the drop-down to pick an appointment record  and insert its link in the email body. 

b. Insert Survey Link
Use surveys to gather feedback and opinions. You can create a survey by going to Tools > Conversations > Surveys
You can insert a survey link in the email body by clicking Insert Survey Link from the drop-down.

c. Vtiger Document
This option lets you insert links to documents present in Vtiger CRM under the Documents module.
The documents open in the Document Viewer when a recipient clicks the link in the email body.

d. Upload and Insert
With this option, you can upload a PDF file to Vtiger CRM’s Document module and insert a link to the file in the email body. 

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