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Why Vtiger Moderates Your Email Campaigns

Learn why we moderate your email campaign subscription and what can cause the suspension of your subscription.
Sabqat Ruba
11 Feb, 2021 - Updated 2 months ago

Vtiger automatically suspends email campaign services for an account when: 

  • the number of bounces, 
  • the number of unsubscribes, 
  • or spam complaints 

on recently sent email campaigns exceed our thresholds.


When this happens, it negatively impacts our server reputation and affects other customers using our service. It also affects the email deliverability and our relationship with ISPs such as Gmail, Outlook, and other services.

To prevent our server from getting blacklisted, we moderate your account from sending any emails in the future.


Note: When your email campaign services are suspended, then your email campaign subscription becomes Inactive.

What are the thresholds



Under 10%


Under 5%

Spam Complaints

Under 0.1%


The stats of your latest email campaign are considered to check the thresholds and update your Nice Score accordingly.

Nice Score is a rating from 1 to 5 that is internally tracked by Vtiger CRM. Nice Score increases automatically from 1 to 2 if your initial campaigns do not exceed the thresholds of spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces. 

If your email campaign meets at least one of the thresholds as mentioned above, the Nice Score reduces by  1.

For example,

  • If you send an email campaign to 1000 recipients, and one of the recipients flags it as Spam (0.11%), then your Nice Score decreases by 1.
  • If you send an email campaign to 900 recipients, and 144 email Bounces (16%) take place, then your Nice Score decreases by 1.

Nice score reduction decreases your Allowed credits for the next email campaign. 

To learn more about Nice Score, click here.

Accessing your account after moderation

After moderation, only Email Campaigns services are suspended. You can still access your Vtiger account and perform other operations. You will also be able to view the reports of your previous email campaigns.

Removing the suspension

If your email campaigns service is suspended, you can contact to activate your account and get any other kind of assistance.

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