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Relation Between Nice Score and Email Campaigns

Learn all about Nice Score - what it is and how it impacts your email campaigns.
Sabqat Ruba
11 Feb, 2021 - Updated 2 months ago


Nice Score is a rating from 1 to 5 that is internally tracked by Vtiger CRM. Nice Score increases automatically from 1 to 2 if your initial campaigns do not exceed the thresholds of spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces. 

As the Nice Score increases, the number of email credits you can use also increases.

Thresholds for spam complaints, unsubscribes, and bounces

A high number of spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces indicate that most recipients have not subscribed to receive your emails. By sending unsolicited emails, you might turn away your customers. 



Under 10%


Under 5%

Spam Complaints

Under 0.1%

Steps to take when threshold levels are crossed

Spam complaints, unsubscribes, and bounces occur in the following scenarios:

  • When your contacts have not subscribed to receive your emails
  • When contact email addresses are invalid
  • When the content is irrelevant to the contacts
  • When the sender domain is not authenticated

You can take the following measures to avoid exceeding the threshold levels:

  • Clean up your marketing lists at frequent intervals
  • Obtain double opt-in from all your contacts
  • Send email campaigns only to the contacts that have double opted in
  • Authenticate sender domains using SPF, DKIM, and CNAME records

How Vtiger Calculates the Nice Score 

If your email campaigns have excess spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces, your Nice Score is reduced automatically.  Also, the allowed credits to be used in future campaigns will decrease. 

If spam complaints, unsubscribes, or bounces are within acceptable limits your Nice Score increases automatically. However, the Nice Score does not increase if the size of your email campaign size is less than 50.

Note: During the free trial period, you are provided with 10 email credits to try out email campaigns. Nice Score is not revised during a free trial. 


After you subscribe to Vtiger CRM and your payment is successful, your Allowed Credits increase to 1000 but your Nice Score will remain 1. Thereafter, your Nice Score will be revised based on the results of your future email campaigns.

Difference Between Available and Allowed Credits

Available credits are the total number of emails you can send from your Vtiger account.

Allowed credits are the maximum number of emails you can send at the present moment. The number of allowed credits increases when your Nice Score increases.

For example, if you have 9680 Available credits and 1000 Allowed credits, you are allowed to send only 1000 emails per email campaign. Your Nice Score is recomputed within a couple of hours after a campaign is sent. When the Nice Score increases, the Allowed credits increase to 2500. For this to happen, the AutoResponder Campaigns cron job must run. 


  • What is an autoresponder email campaign

Autoresponder email campaigns are sent automatically when triggered and scheduled. You must set up trigger conditions and the date and time at which the autoresponder must be sent.


To learn more about email campaigns, click here.

  • What is a cron job

A cron job is executed at the back end at frequent intervals to perform different tasks in the CRM. Each cron job executes at a predefined interval. 


Go to Settings > Automation > Scheduler > AutoResponder Campaigns to view the timing of the cron job.

Allowed Credits for Different Values of Nice Score

Nice Score

Maximum Allowed Credits

Minimum Number of Email to be Sent
















In the table above:

  • Nice Score is the Nice Score value maintained by Vtiger CRM
  • Maximum Allowed Credits is the number of emails allowed to be sent 
  • Minimum Number of Emails to be Sent is the minimum number of emails you must send in your next email campaign to trigger the recomputing of your Nice Score

Why are Your Allowed Credits Zero

When your Nice Score becomes zero, your email campaign subscription status will change to Inactive and your Allowed Credits become zero. 

To activate your account and increase the Nice Score, you must contact and take assistance from our CRM coaches. 

Note: If your email campaign subscription is inactive, you cannot send email campaigns.

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