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Website Tracking

Vikas Kumar
14 Dec, 2022 - Updated 5 months ago
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Website Tracking

This module lets you track the activities performed by visitors on your website. Tracking is done using web cookies and every time a visitor lands on the website Vtiger checks if there is a tracking cookie. If it does not exists the it will create a new one and assign it to the Visitor and tracks all his page visits on the website.

How to enable tracking?

Go to Settings page, search for Websense. Click on Trackers under Websense and activate it.

This will enable and register your crm to track all website related activities like Website chats, Facebook chat integration and other website related tracking activities. Once tracker is activated you will see an entry in the page, here you need to copy the script code and add it to your website.

How to convert Visitors to Contacts?

After you copy the code and add it to your website, we provide with Javascript API's that will help you track visitors and convert them into Contacts. Also api gives you the ability to track specific events visitor performs on the website, for example click on pricing button, or downloaded ebook, submitted particular webform etc.
Below are API details:

  • websense.convert : This api lets you convert a visitor to a contact, you do this when the visitor submits his email address either in a webform or when is signing up with you and logging in your portal. You need to send email address along with this API.
    • You can also send pass name attribute along with email, this will be added in Lastname of the Contact.

  • websense.event : This api helps you track visitor actions on your website, for example you want to track if a visitor has clicked on a particular button, or a link etc. You need to pass your custom event name to the function call.

How to enable Website scoring?

If you have installed WebActivity module then you get the ability to score specific page visits with some points. For this you need to configure pages on your website and add appropriate score. This is available in Settings page, under Marketing & Sales section.

You can configure score on a exact url or on a url contain specific string. For example any visitor visiting pricing page will get 10 points, or feature page gets 20 points. You can also give negative score like anyone visiting career page will get -10 or free product page gets -25 points.

Where do you see website score for a Contact?

Once all the configuration and setting is done, you can sit back and start monitoring score on Contacts module.
We have enabled a widget in One view of Contacts which shows the following things:
  • What is his website activity score.
  • When was he last seen on the website
  • How many pages did he visit?
  • How many events did he perform?

To get more granular details and time line view of his activities then click on more details.
Here you will see top 10 pages visitor visited and top 10 events performed on your website.
Also you will see the amount of time spent on each of the pages.

Few points to remember when using website tracking:
  • If a visitor deletes his cookies then he will be considered as new visitor and a new cookie will be assigned to him. In case if he submits his email address and you track it using websense.convert api then all of his actions will be linked to matching contact.
  • Tracking works all Contacts, even imported ones. So when a matching contact submits his email address on website all his previous page visits and events will be tracked against him.
  • To install this extension send an email to support@vtiger.com
Note : This is a paid extension, cost will depend on the number of unique visitors on your website. 
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