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Engagement Score

Bindu Rekha Babu
21 Sep, 2020 - Updated 3 years ago
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Track your email interactions with a lead or a contact using Engagement Score. Engagement score is a point added to a contact on every interaction.
Example, when a lead opens an email, engagement score is incremented by 1 point.
For every open, click, and reply the score gets incremented by a point.
This way, a sales rep can judge whether or not a lead is interested in a product/service and follow-up to nurture the lead.
CRM updates the engagement score field only for one-on-one emails and email campaigns.

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Edition Required

This feature is available in Sales StarterSales ProfessionalVtiger One Professional and Vtiger One Enterprise editions.

Note! To view the Engagement Score in Summary view, enable the Key Field icon from the Module Layouts and fields.

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