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November 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in November 2021.
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 7 months ago
Table of Contents

Release 1


Short URL

  • Short URL is a paid module that allows you to shorten URLs and use them in emails, campaigns, etc.
    • Users can install this module from Settings > Extensions > Extension Store.
    • This module is unavailable in the Free Trial edition. 



  •  You can send mass emails to related contacts and leads of a campaign.
    • In the Summary View of a campaign, click the Contacts or Leads tab on the right, and click the Email icon. 

Contacts/Customer Portal

  • The login option to the customer portal is locked when a customer reaches the maximum number of login attempts after entering an incorrect password.
    • When login is locked for a contact, you can see the Remove Portal Login Lock option in the CRM’s contact record.
    • Open the record and click the More icon in the Summary View to find it.


  • Clicking on a stage in the Sales Funnel in the Sales Dashboard will take you to the list of deals under the stage. 
    • Go to Main Menu > Essentials > Dashboard > to find your Sales Dashboard.


  • You can revoke access to Dropbox and Google Drive from the Documents module.
    • Go to Main Menu > Essentials > Documents, click the Settings icon and click Revoke Access.
  • You can also see the key fields and header fields in the Documents module.

Email Campaigns

  • If you have inserted multiple links into an email campaign, you can get the number of unique clicks on each link in the email campaign report.


  • In case you hit the Close button while drafting an email or click outside the Compose Email window, the email draft is automatically saved if the mandatory details (To address, Subject) are valid.
    • You can access the email from the Activity section by enabling Filters > Customer Touchpoints > Emails.

Journey Templates (now called Playbooks)

  • The Journey Templates module has been renamed Playbooks.

List View

  • Support for multiple fields search 
    • You can filter List View results by searching across multiple fields.
    • When you type inside the search bar under a column to look for a record, the Search button shows up on the left. 
    • You can click the Search button or hit Enter to find the record.
  • Clickable record number
    • The record number field in the List View of any module is made clickable.
    • Click the record number opens the record in Quick View in the same tab.
    • Hovering on the record number and clicking the Open in New Tab icon opens the record in a new tab.


  • You have the option of copying the billing address to the shipping address and vice versa while filling out contact or organization details.


  • The upload size for product images in the Products module has been increased to 10 MB from 2 MB.


  • While printing a report, you can now choose a layout, that is, Landscape or Portrait.
  • You can add the Tax Region field to a report that you create for Inventory modules.


  • The Status field of a subscription record automatically changes to Expired after the expiry date passes.


  • You can get a detailed view of customer touchpoints in the Leads, Contacts, Organizations, and Deals modules.
    • Open a record in any of the modules mentioned above and click the Touchpoints button in the Summary View’s Activity section.
    • You will see details such as events, emails, chats, SMS, etc.
    • Clicking on a touchpoint gives you the touchpoint summary such as the status of an event, sent/received/queued emails, etc.

Web Chats

  • The Web Chats module has been renamed Live Chat.

Release 2


Chart of Accounts module

  • Accounts allow grouping of financial transactions into categories, helping accountants to audit and also for management. 
  • Vtiger allows users to add Inventory accounts of the following types:
  • Sales
  • Purchases
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Income
  • Expenses


  • Go-to actions: Emails in your inbox now allow you to navigate to CRM records. For example, an email about Approvals has a button that will take you to the approval record on clicking.
  • Email status: The CRM now shows the status of bounced, deferred, and failed emails. You can find error messages in the emails or the Activity section.

MYOB Integration

  • Vtiger CRM now integrates with MYOB software. You can install it from Settings > Extensions > Extension Store.

Sales Return & Purchase Return modules

  • You can now create Sales Return and Purchase Return records if you have installed the Vtiger Inventory extension from the Extension Store.
    • The modules are disabled if you have already installed the extension. You can enable them from Settings > Module Management > Modules.
    • Sales Return: This module is to record excess stock returned by a customer. You can create this record from a delivery note that is in the Delivered state.
    • Purchase Return: This module is to record damaged or incorrect products received from a vendor. You can this record from a receipt note that is in the Received state.



  • Here is a scenario to explain the enhancement: Assign a case to a specific user in a group, and delete the user later. You will see an exclamation icon in the Assigned To field to indicate that the user does not exist, and you need to assign the case to a different user. 

Global Search

  • You can re-arrange the order of the tabs under Global Search. This helps you access frequently-used records faster.
    • Go to Global Search
    • Click the Settings icon.
    • Add modules.
    • Drag and drop to rearrange them.
    • Click Update List.


  • The Email Opt-in field is now available for field mapping when importing contacts.

Line Items

  • The CRM remembers the preferences selected under More Options in Line Items. The next time you try to add line items, the same preferences are applied.

One View

  • You can customize a record’s One View by navigating to the Settings page right from its One View tab. Click the Gear icon under the tab to do so. 
    • Non-admin users cannot see the Gear icon.
  • If a record’s One View is empty, you can see all its default related modules with options to add or link records.
  • Reference fields (for example, fields like Related To, Contact Name, Deal Name, etc.) in a record’s One View can now be edited
    • Click the Edit icon to redirect to the record’s Edit view and update the reference field value.

Print templates

  • Print Templates now support IN and ELSE IF conditions.

Short URL

  • You can now generate URLs with UTM parameters using the Short URL module.


  • You can now add helper text to survey questions. Helper text helps users who are taking the survey to understand the survey questions. 
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