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May 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in May 2021.
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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Vtiger Application Platform (VTAP)

  • One of the biggest releases of 2021, VTAP on Cloud provides tools and runtime capabilities for developers to extend CRM functionality to strengthen their business needs.
  • VTAP enables developers and administrators to extend the UI behavior of the CRM to achieve in-app customization or define custom REST endpoints for external application integration.
  • You must have basic knowledge of web development in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and XML to get started.

To learn more about VTAP, click here. 

Teams Meetings

  • When you integrate Teams with Vtiger CRM, you can easily create and insert meeting links when sending emails, chat replies, or sending meeting invites. 
  • Teams Meetings is available in Contacts, Deals, Emails, Events, and Web Chats in Vtiger CRM.

To learn more about Teams Meetings in Vtiger CRM, click here.



  • View Approver Note in an approval record’s Summary View (beside Requester Note).


  • The History widget in the Dashboard now shows all the other users’ history to Admin users.

Email Sequences

  • In the Recipients tab of an email sequence, you can identify deleted recipients (recipients whose contact records are deleted) by an exclamation icon (!) beside the recipient name.

Record Header View

  • In the Header View of a record, the Primary Email of the record is shown by default. If the Primary Email field is empty, the Secondary Email is shown.


Calendar View

  • Your Calendar View under Events shows dates in the date format you have set up in Settings > My preferences > Calendar Settings


  • When you export a pivot report as an image, the Report Name is appended to the top of the exported report as its title.  


  • Vtiger CRM users who configured Tally sync before 4th June 2021 must re-download the VtigerTallyConnector zip.
    • Re-download the VtigerTallyConnector zip file from here
    • Along with VtigerCheck.tdl and VtigerDateFilter.tdl, also load the VtigerImport.tdl file into Tally.
    • Upgrade Tally before 30th June 2021, and contact the Vtiger Support Team via support@vtiger.com to incorporate the upgrades.
    • Restart Tally to start using the enhancements.
  • After you have done the steps above, you will be able to use the following new features:
    • Two-way sync: You can choose to sync data from Tally to Vtiger and from Vtiger to Tally with the Sync both ways option.
    • Tally sync is also enabled for sales orders.
    • Syncing of sales voucher types and sales order types is now enabled.
    • To sync data, fill out three new fields in the Tally Settings page: Default Sales Ledger, Default Discount Ledger, and Default Shipping Ledger.
    • Taxes are synced only from Tally to Vtiger.
  • Users who sign up with Vtiger CRM after 4th June 2021 can download the VtigerTallyConnector zip and start using Tally with the latest upgrades.

To learn more about Tally integration, click here.


  • Customer user field in Contacts’ Module Layouts & Fields setting
    • If no users are selected under Accessible Users during the setup, then you can see all the users in the picklist and assign any user to the field.
    • If you select users under Accessible Users during the setup, then you can only see the selected users in the picklist and assign one of them to the field.
    • If you select a role under Accessible Users during the setup, you can see only the users having that role and assign one of them to the field.
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