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June 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in June 2021.
Rashmi Kashyap
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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Developer Edition

Developer Edition is a new Vtiger edition that allows developers and partners to build and publish extensions in the Marketplace. Once you sign up for this edition, it is free for a lifetime.

IndiaMART Integration

IndiaMART is India’s largest e-commerce company that connects buyers and suppliers. You can integrate Vtiger CRM with IndiaMART and sync your leads from IndiaMART to Leads or Contacts in Vtiger CRM.

To know more about IndiaMart integration, click here.



  • You can reschedule a task from the Actions > My Actions page by clicking the Reschedule icon beside the task alert.


  • You can extend a bar chart vertically and horizontally for better display. Click the Resize icon on the bottom-right of the bar chart to resize the widget.


  • While creating a report, you can remove a column by clicking the X icon beside the field names in the preview.
  • When you click on any record in a report, the record preview will open.
  • While scheduling a report, you can select whether you want to send only the report, only the chart, or both.

Vtiger Application Platform (VTAP)

  • With the help of SMS Connectors in Module Designer, you can introduce new SMS Providers in the SMS Notifier module. 
  • The configured OAuth details from a custom module will be encrypted.
  • Export and Import modules consider OAuth credentials and Designer white-listed modules.



  • You can view your tasks, events, contacts, projects, and other activities on one page by clicking the Calendar icon on the CRM screen’s top-right side.
  • You can also view your team members’ events if they have shared their calendars with you.

Clearbit Integration

Clearbit is an application that holds the professional and social information of an individual or a business using their email addresses. 

By integrating Clearbit with Vtiger CRM, you can get your leads’ or contacts’ detailed information and use it to:

  • Obtain your customers’ details
  • Understand them 
  • Identify and nurture leads
  • Personalize customer interaction

Grid View

  • Grid View is a paid add-on available in the extension store. Once you install this extension, you can see the Grid View icon above the column names in a module.
  • In the Grid View, you can do the following: 
    • Edit individual field values by clicking on them.
    • Hover on a record and click the Edit icon to go to the detail view
    • Hover on a record and click the Preview icon to go to the Summary view of the record.
  • Grid View is not supported in the Events, Payments, and other Inventory modules.

Onboarding 2.0

  • If you are new to Vtiger CRM, use the Onboarding screens to set up your CRM account.
  • Click the Help icon on the bottom-right corner of the CRM screen, and then click Setup to finish the onboarding.
  • While setting up your CRM account, you can also read related articles or watch videos to understand more about Vtiger’s features. 

SLAs for Tasks

  • You can create SLAs for tasks by going to Settings > Support > Task SLAs
  • Once you configure a Task SLA, you can view it under a task’s One View tab. SLA status, time remaining, and other information are available on the tab.
  • If you are using the Professional or Enterprise editions of Vtiger CRM, you can view the Task SLA Insights in your account.



  • You can hide the header and footer in your Help Center. Go to Articles > Settings > Basic and enable the Hide Header and Footer option. 


  • If a record is linked to a contact or organization, you can see the following:
    • Email button on the top-right of Summary View to send an email directly from the record. 
    • Customer Touchpoints option under Activity section > Filters button to display the updates regarding those activities.  

My Preferences

  • You can set the default record view to one of the following three options:
    • One View (in Summary View)
    • Details tab (in Summary View)
    • Full Detail View
  • Go to Settings > My Preferences > Default Record View to do so.

One View

  • In a record, One View shows only five records of each related module.
  • Click Show More to view more related records.
  • You can click on each record to view the key fields. 

Partner Portal

  • You can set the Records Visibility in the Partner Portal. This will help partner contacts see the documents related to a partner organization.
  • To accept a lead, click the Accept button in the leads inbox.


  • New font styles are added to Email and Print Templates.

Web Chats

  • Consider you are having a conversation with a Vtiger CRM agent through the Help icon on the screen’s bottom-right corner. If you minimize the chat window, you will receive the agent’s reply through a pop-up.


  • You can add the following conditions to a task’s Due Date field and an event’s End Date & Time field:
    • Less than hours before
    • Less than hours later
    • More than hours before
    • More than hours later
  • These options are available in the following areas in the CRM:
    • Lists - Creating or updating a list
    • Actions - Settings > adding Activity and Smart Alert rules 
    • Reports - Creating or updating a report > Filters
    • Global Search - Advanced filter 

Note: Please get in touch with our Support team (support@vtiger.com) if you need any clarifications.

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