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January 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in January 2021.
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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  • Vtiger’s new feature Calculus is an AI-based tool that will use customer engagements to improve sales/support teams’ customer interactions.
  • It considers the following engagements:
    • Document opens
    • Email opens
    • Email campaign opens
    • Email campaign clicks
    • Web chats
    • Phone calls
    • Meetings
  • It generates the following information using the engagement data:
    • Engagement Level - What is the engagement level on the current deal when compared to similar successful deals in the past.
    • Activity timeline - A bird’s eye view of engagements made on the current deal.
    • Best time to contact - Use the best time to contact a customer to improve open and reply rates.
    • Change email template - Get email template recommendations when replying to contacts to improve the reply rate.
    • Document stats - Identify documents that get opened and improve engagement with document stats. 
    • Live chat - Provide faster responses and improve customer experiences with the Live Chat.

 To learn more about Calculus, click here.

Person Name Format

  • You can now choose a name format from the following options:
    • First Name Last Name
    • Last Name First Name
  • Contact names, employee names, etc. in the CRM are shown based on what you choose. Go to Settings > My Preferences to set the desired format.

Zoom Meetings Integration

  • Vtiger’s new integration with Zoom allows you to schedule Zoom meetings from the CRM. Install the extension, configure your credentials, and start scheduling conferences. 
  • To use Zoom, install the Conference extension from Main Menu > Add-ons.
  • You can create a Zoom meeting in the following ways:
    • By creating an event of type Zoom Meet (Main Menu > Essentials > Events)
    • From the Compose Email window (Insert Links > Schedule Conference)
    • From the Live Chat window

To learn more about Zoom integration, click here.



  • You can accept a case from Cases’ List View (Main Menu > Help Desk > Cases).
  • Hover over a case and click the checkmark from the options shown on the right to accept it.


  • From Name: When a user sends an email from the CRM, the update message says “User sent an email”. For instance, if John Doe sends an email to a contact and CCs Allie Grater, Allie Grater gets the update message as “John Doe sent an email”.
    • If you receive an email from a CRM group, the From Name is the group name.
    • If a contact (Ari Gale) sends an email, then the message shown is “Ari Gale sent an email”.
  • Email Owner: For received emails -
    • If a CRM user sends an email, the CRM user is the email owner.
    • If a contact sends an email to a personal mailbox, the mailbox owner is the email owner,
    • If a contact sends an email to a group mailbox, the contact’s owner (Assigned To) is the email owner.
    • If you send an email (Eg. to a contact) from the support address, internal support address, outgoing server address, or a mailbox address, the From Name is the (contact’s) record owner’s name.

Find Duplicates

  • Finding duplicate records is now easier. You can now select a module and a list that you have created to do a more specific duplicate search. 

Internal Tickets

  • You can accept an internal ticket from Internal Tickets’ List View (Main Menu > Service Desk > Internal Tickets).
  • Hover over an internal ticket and click the checkmark from the options shown on the right to accept it.

Project Gantt View

  • Reminder tasks are not shown in the Gantt View.


  • As a subscriber of Vtiger CRM, you can see your Next Billing Date on the Billing Page based on your subscription type - monthly or yearly. For instance, if you subscribe for an annual plan on 1st January 2021, your next billing date will be 1st January 2022.
  • The Subscriptions module is now available in the Vtiger One Professional edition as an extension. You must install it from the Extension Store.

What’s New

  • You can view the Release Notes from the What’s New window in the CRM. Go to User Menu > What’s New > See all features. Scroll down to view the Show release notes option.


DateTime Field 

  • A new field of type DateTime has been added to the Module Layouts & Fields setting. The field can hold both date and time values simultaneously.

Field Validations

  • To avoid entering past dates in fields, you can apply field validation rules. For instance, the Expected Close Date field for a deal must always hold a future date. So, you can apply a condition on the field as follows: Expected Close Date Greater than Today
  • Follow these steps to apply field validation:
    1. Log in to your CRM account.
    2. Go to Settings > Module Management > Module Layouts & Fields
    3. Select a module.
    4. Select and edit a Date field or create a custom Date field. 
    5. Specify the rules under Field Validations in the edit view of the field.
    6. Click +Add Rule.


Ajax Edit

  • Ajax edit is the field-level edit that you do from the Details tab on the right sidebar in a CRM record. 
  • You can enter a value into a field using ajax edit, and press Enter to save the value.

Browser Tab Titles

  • Browser tab titles for Vtiger CRM have been enhanced for better readability. You can now see the CRM page’s title along with the module name and the suffix ‘in Vtiger’ in the tab title.
  • Here are some new tab title formats:
    • List Name | Module Name in Plural in Vtiger (Eg. My Contacts | Contacts in Vtiger)
    • Record Name | Module Name in Singular in Vtiger (Eg. Grasspods | Organization in Vtiger)
    • Role Name | Role in Vtiger (Eg. Sales Manager | Role in Vtiger)
    • User Name | User in Vtiger (Eg. John Doe | User in Vtiger)
    • Workflow Name | Workflow in Vtiger (Eg. Default Satisfaction Survey | Workflow in Vtiger)


  • You can buy and install Calculus from the Extension Store.
    1. Log in to your CRM account.
    2. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the CRM screen.
    3. Click Settings.
    4. Go to the Extension Store under the Extensions section.
    5. Look for Calculus.
    6. Click Buy.


  • When you link a document to a record, and the record has a related contact, you are prompted to link the document to the contact. For example, if you are linking a document to a task, you have the option to link the task’s related contact to the document.

Email Preview

  • Emails in the Activity section of a record such as a case, internal ticket, etc., open on a wide screen. 

Language Support

  • Vtiger CRM now supports the Korean language. To set the language, go to Settings > My Preferences > Language.


  • Under Actions > @Mentions, you can now search for or filter the mentions by suspended users using the From and Mentions fields. 

Preview Option in Cases and Internal Tickets

  • You can preview emails from the Activity section of the case and internal ticket records in a separate Preview window. Click the Email icon to do so. The Preview window also has Print and Forward options.


  • You can add multiple (up to six) product images to a product record (Inventory > Products). Go to the Product Image Information section to do so.

Storage Guard

  • Vtiger now sends you the following email alerts about your CRM storage:
    • Monthly usage on the 1st day of every month
    • When the usage limit has reached 80-99%
    • When the usage limit crosses 99% 

To learn more about the Storage Guard, click here.

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