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August 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in August 2020.
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago
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Lead Conversion 

The Convert option in the Leads module will convert leads into contacts. You can also create deal and organization records while converting a lead.

LinkedIn Add-on

This new add-on creates Skills, Education, and Experience fields in Vtiger’s Contacts module. Values are updated in these fields when contacts are imported or updated via Vtiger Enrich.
To learn about Vtiger Enrich, click here.

Wait Time in Approvals

You can now set up Wait Time for each approver, after which a record is sent to the next level approver even if not approved.


Appointment Pages

  • You can see an Appointment Page form’s answers (submitted by your contacts) on the contact records’ Events widget.
  • You can also notify the auto-assigned member along with their team when an auto-assigned appointment is scheduled.

Cases & Customer Portal

  • The Summary View of cases records shows the case interaction in the Activity section when the case is created from the Customer Portal.

Currency Formats

  • Currency values can be accompanied by either currency symbols or currency codes. Go to Settings > My Preferences > Currency Formats to choose your preference.


  • You can create a project from a deal record’s Summary View using the Create Project button.


  • Email replies are now linked to their origin records. For example, if a contact replies to an email linked to a deal, the reply email is also linked to the deal.

Email Campaigns

  • You can now send email campaigns without adding a CNAME record for your domain.

Events & Tasks

  • Tasks can now be linked to an event using the Related To field in the Events module.
    • An event’s related tasks are shown under the event’s One View.
    • A task’s related events are shown under the Events widget in the task record.
    • Events can be added from a task using the Do button in the Summary View.


  • You can cancel an ongoing import process by hitting the Cancel button.


  • React, Reply, Edit, and Copy URL options are now available in Inbox’s comments.
  • Inbox search is enhanced with the ability to search Subject, From, To, Cc, Bcc addresses, owner, and other words.  

Journey Templates

  • You cannot disable the Closed States module without disabling Journey Templates. (Moving a deal to the next stage requires closing a journey task. If the Closed States is disabled, then Journey Templates cannot be used.)
  • When a deal is created, the journey tasks related to the current deal stage are added to the Tasks widget. If the deal is created with an intermediate stage, then a warning that the previous journey tasks will be skipped is shown.

Print Templates

  • In an Inventory module’s print template, you can add Merge Fields from other related Inventory modules. For example, in a sales order print template, you can add Merge Fields from related purchase orders.


  • Formatting used in Text fields such as the Description field is maintained in reports. For example, a bulleted list in the description appears the same in an exported report.


  • Tag names can now have more than 25 characters.


  • Added the Custom condition comparator in Conditions. It is available for Date and Time fields in List Conditions, Reports (Edit View and Deep Dive View), Actions’ Configuration Rules, Marketing List Conditions, and Advanced Search.
  • Image preview is now available in Actions’ Mentions, One View’s Key Fields, RTE (Rich Text Editor) fields in the Deep Dive and Summary views, and Comments.
  • While creating a record, you can view all the fields available regardless of whether they are mandatory, key fields, etc., in the Quick Create window.
  • Calculation of Pre Tax Total of line items - Pre Tax Total is calculated as (Total - Discount + Charges) where the Total is the line items’ total amount in the Total column, Discount is Item Level Discount and/or Overall Discount.


Merge Template option in Emails 

Added the option to merge an email template into the email body. Merged templates are added as links in the email body and can be opened by contacts on entering the email address.

Subscription Analytics

The One View widget in Subscriptions shows the following analytics:

  • Frequency 
  • Next Billing date
  • Payment Mode
  • Number of Unpaid Invoices 


Current User option for the Co-owners field in List Conditions

  • While creating a list based on the Co-owners field, you have the option to choose Current User in List Conditions. For example, you can create a list of deals whose co-owner is the current user.


  • You now have the option of editing pinned charts in a dashboard. When a chart is created from a report and pinned to a dashboard, you can edit it from the dashboard itself instead of opening the chart in the Reports module.


  • You can add a group as an invitee to an event. All the users in the group are then added as invitees. This saves you time as you need not pick one user at a time anymore.
    • Users can be removed from the invitee list if needed.
    • Users can invite only the groups to which they can assign records. The privilege to assign records is specified in a user’s role.

Find Duplicates for Events and Tasks

  • You can now search for duplicate event and task records using the Find Duplicates module under Main Menu > Tools.


Apart from CSV and Excel formats, you can now schedule reports in PDF format.
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