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September 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in September 2020.
Rashmi Kashyap
20 Jan, 2021 - Updated 3 years ago
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Phone Calls  

Here is the list of features available in Phone Calls:

  • You can transfer a call.
  • You can hang up the call.
  • You can put a call on hold.
  • You can link a call from an unknown number to existing contacts.
  • You can record a call once it is enabled in the configuration.
  • It will comply with Business Hours.
  • An incoming call during non-business hours will be redirected to voicemail.
  • You can directly dial the number and call the contact by clicking the Phone icon on the header.
  • Proper messages should be said on receiving calls as configured in settings.


Appointment Pages 

  • If a user is invited to an event, the slot reserved for the event is not shown in the appointment page schedule until the user declines the event.


  • You can see the extra storage used in GB and the extra cost for the storage on the Billing page.


  • In the Summary View of a case record, the status of the case is shown next to the Reassign button.
  • You can now configure multiple help desk email addresses for case emails based on your edition. You can change the ‘From’ email address during the first reply to a case.


  • In charts, the decimal places in the percentage value will be rounded off to the number specified in My Preferences.

Email Campaigns 

  • In case you cancel a scheduled campaign, you can see the number of reversed credits in the tooltip next to the Cancel Campaign button.


  • When you create an event and send invitations to users, duplicate events are not created in individual users’ calendars. 
    • Only the owner can edit and delete the event. All the changes will be synced in the invitations. 
    • Invitees cannot edit and delete the event, they can only view.
    • The invitations are assigned to the specific user. 
    • The invitations will be synced to google calendar.
  • When you add a new invitee to an event, a new invitation will be sent to the newly added invitee, and the existing users will not receive an invitation.
    • When you edit an event, an updated invitation with a subject prefix as ’Updated:’ will be sent to the existing invitees. 
    • When you remove an invitee from an event, they will be removed from the invitee block, and a cancellation email will be sent to notify the invitee. The event in the invitee’s calendar will be marked as canceled.


  • You can view the tasks created and linked to an Inbox thread in the Contacts’ Summary View > Related Tasks tab.


  • While configuring a Create Task and Create Event action in a workflow, you can add a new record field by clicking the +Add Record Field button.


Email Campaigns  

  • The acceptable bounce rate in email campaigns is reduced from 15% to 10%. If the bounce rate crosses 10%, the email campaign service is suspended.


  • When you add an invitee to an event and send the invitation, the invitee status in the event is set to ‘Queued’ until they receive the invite.


  • When you apply an overall discount on the line items, then the margin total and margin percentage total will change.

Here is how Margin Total, Margin Percentage Total, and Markup Percentage Total is calculated:

  1. Margin Total = Total After Discount - Purchase Cost Total - Overall Discount
  2. Margin Percentage Total = (Margin Total / (Total After Discount - Overall Discount)) * 100
  3. Markup Percentage Total = (Margin Total / Purchase Cost Total) * 100
  • When you select a template for any inventory record, the same template will be visible to all users.


The message ID in One View of a WhatsApp record has been replaced with the actual message.

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