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June 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in June 2020.
Rashmi Kashyap
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago
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Google Meet integration

You can use Google Meet to connect and collaborate with your contacts and co-workers with real-time video calls.

Google Meet helps you to:

  • Create meetings for up to 250 people.
  • Share a link with your participants, and they join the meeting with a click.
  • Add captions in real-time during a meeting.
  • Share your desktop or laptop screens, presentations, and documents.

To know more about Google Meet integration with Vtiger, click here.

WhatsApp integration 

You can integrate their Twilio numbers with WhatsApp to send and receive messages directly from the CRM.

Benefits of this integration:

  • Messages
    • Send and receive WhatsApp messages to and from your contacts directly from the CRM
    • View the status of your messages in the CRM
    • Create custom messages for different modules
    • Send documents, images, and videos with your WhatsApp messages
  • Message Templates
    • Create standard templates for repetitive use and save time
    • Create custom templates for special messages
    • Use Print Templates to send printable documents with your message (like invoices and quotes)
  • Workflows and Approvals
    • Create workflows in the CRM to automatically messages on planned schedules
    • Send approval notifications via messages

To know more about WhatsApp integration with Vtiger, click here.



  • You cannot skip a journey task in Deals’ Summary View if you don’t have access to the Skipped stage.
  • You can set the colors for sales stages in global picklists. It will reflect in the Summary View and the Kanban View.


  • When you click on the file name of a document in the List View, the file will be automatically downloaded to your system.

Email Campaigns

  • You can download the campaign report from the Summary View of a campaign by clicking the Download icon in Campaign Metrics.

Forecast and Quota

  • You can search for a user if you have more than 10 users in the user’s hierarchy by clicking the drop-down on the top left.
  • If sales stages are not mapped to forecast categories, they will be displayed in the Settings icon > Unmapped Sales Stage block. You can also add new sales stages in Picklist Field Values settings from here by clicking the Open in new tab icon.


  • While sending an email to your customer, you can pick a time to contact them and also mark the mail as done.


  • When you apply a direct discount on a line item, the discount is applied for the total amount of the line item(Quantity*Selling Price) and not the selling price alone.

List View

  • You can merge two or more records from the List View. You have to select the records in the List View and click the Merge selected records icon in the toolbar on the top.
  • You can view a lengthy picklist value by dragging and extending the column name towards the right.

Marketing Lists

  • You can send a system campaign from a marketing list.


  • You can click on the Rocket icon on the header to open the onboarding page. This page will help you understand the different features and modules of Vtiger. You can also read the documentation from this page.


  • While printing or exporting a record, you can select a template on the Print screen.

Quick Create

  • While adding a new record, you can add the primary details, or you can click the View full form button to add more details.


  • The ‘Related To’ field is replaced with the ‘Contact Name’ field in Quotes. If you want to link Leads, you can add them in the ‘Lead Name’ field. The field appears only if you have enabled the Leads module.


  • You can select the data field in Pivot Reports after selecting the group by row.

Summary View

  • When you hover over a header field in the Summary View of any record, you can see the field name and field value information.
  • You can view and edit the description field of a record in the Summary View.


  • While adding a subtask for a task, you can click on the Quick Create icon and add more information.  


  • While creating a timelog for a task, you can provide a short summary about the timelog along with the title.
  • When you start a timelog for a billable task, the timelog will also be billable.
  • When you stop a timelog, you can do the following:
    • Change the timelog title
    • Add notes
    • Mark it as not billable

Vtiger Support Access

  • You can set an expiry date for the Vtiger Support team access.


  • When you close a record, all the alerts related to you will be cleared. The alerts related to other users will be retained.



  • When you delete a task or an event from the Actions’ preview, it will disappear from the Actions’ list.

Global Picklist

  • The country and state information are automatically added to the global picklist based on the country you provide while onboarding.

List View

  • You can resize the columns and sort the records in ascending or descending order smoothly in the List View.
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