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April 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in April 2020.
Rashmi Kashyap
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 6 months ago
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The Articles module in Vtiger CRM is an easy and excellent way to share your announcements, product updates, technical instructions, or any documentation with your customers. 

While FAQs in Vtiger CRM answer your customer’s queries more quickly, Articles will provide long-form help content. You can aid your customers with in-depth knowledge about anything regarding your business and its working.

You can completely customize the appearance of your documentation to suit your needs and interests.

To know more about Articles, click here.

Deal Pipelines and Stages

Deal Pipelines and Stages is visible in the header section of Deal Journey View. It displays information about the pipeline a deal is associated with and the sales stage it is currently in.

The header section displays the following fields and information:

  • Name of the deal.
  • Important fields, namely Assigned To, Organization Name, etc.
  • Progression bar (displayed beside the Do button), which displays the pipeline and the relevant stages of the deal. You can also change the stage here.
  • Time spent in each stage of the pipeline is displayed when you hover on a sales stage in the progression bar.
  • The emotion of the customer is captured at the end of each stage displayed beside the deal name.
  • Total time spent on the deal displayed when you hover on the Clock icon.

To know more about Deal Pipelines and Stages, click here.

Esign Documents

Esign Documents is the module through which you can send documents to your customers or vendors for signatures and track the updates.

Benefits of Esign Documents:

Using Esign Documents will,

  • Reduce all the manual back and forth that you have to do to get a document fixed.
  • Help you make the most of your time by getting the documents signed by more than one signee with just a click. 
  • Reduce paper wastage as everything is done electronically.

To know more about Esign Documents, click here.

Inventory Add-on extension

If you install the inventory add-on extension in the CRM, you will find four new modules - Bills, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes, and Receipt Notes under the Inventory app in the Main Menu. This is a paid extension available in the Sales Professional and Sales Enterprise editions.


An invoice is a non-negotiable itemized statement issued for the products or services rendered to the customer.

You can do the following in Vtiger CRM’s invoices:

  • You can see linked Contacts, Organizations, Quotes, and Work Orders in the One View.
  • Share the invoice using emails
  • Add documents and other assets to the invoice
  • Attach credit notes to the invoice
  • Generate subscriptions and accept their payments

To know more about Invoices, click here.

Product Bundles

A collection of products and/or services that a business can sell together. However, the same products and/or services can be sold individually. By default, product bundle price is the aggregate of the individual products’/services’ prices, but you can modify it to your preference.


Appointment Pages

  • While creating an appointment page, if the activity type is an onsite meeting or onsite service, then the Location field in Events must be mandatorily updated. You can either enter the address manually or click the Location icon.


  • When adding a new case, you can also send an email. Your previous selection (Add Case or Send Email) will be stored and displayed to you the next time.


  • You can add tables in the comments RTE by clicking the Table icon.


  • You cannot transfer the ownership of a contact record if you do not have edit permission.
  • While configuring Google or Office 365 sync in Contacts, you can click the path on the top left of the page to go to the Contacts’ List View.


  • You can add your contact’s role in the deal record by clicking the Contact Role drop-down. You can also add or modify the picklist values by going to Settings > Picklist Editor.


  • While uploading a document, you can see the maximum document size by clicking the Info icon.
  • While uploading a document, you can see the size of the selected document.
  • You can react to comments from the activity section in a document record.
  • When you hover over a folder in the Thumbnail View or folder hierarchy, you can see the full name of the folder.
  • You can upload documents from other modules using the Do button in the Summary View.


  • You can mark an event as completed from the List View. You have to hover over the event records and click the tick mark on the right side of the page.


  • If you have linked your email to a record, you can unlink it by hovering over the Module icon and clicking the Unlink icon.
  • When you send an email from your current email address to your current email address, the email will be visible in both Sent and Open folders.

List View

  • While creating a new list, you can manually search and pick the fields you want to be added as columns.


  • In Pivot and Chart reports, you can group the text fields based on rows and/or columns.

Summary View

  • You can click the Description field and edit it from the Summary View directly.
  • You can copy the record URL from the Summary View by clicking the Link icon on the top.


  • The Projects option is removed from the ‘Related to’ field and added as a new field called ‘Project Name’.
  • A parent task can be closed if its subtasks are in any one of the closed states.
  • You can add up to 150 task statuses in the picklist editor.



A campaign is a series of operations carried out to achieve a goal, especially in Marketing. It can help you create and record the details of a marketing campaign. 

For example, if you are hosting a trade show to promote your business, you can create a campaign type Trade Show campaign in Vtiger CRM. Additionally, you can record the budget, expenses, responses, etc., of the trade show and record the details of the leads captured during the trade show.

To know more about Campaigns, click here.

Chat Insights

Chat Insights consists of widgets that display data in charts. Each chart shows a specific set of information related to your team’s performance and progress. This module helps team managers and supervisors get insights at a glance and find a way to improve the team’s performance. Chat Insights will pull up information related to your team’s interaction with customers through Web Chats.

To know more about Chat Insights, click here.

Stripe Integration

Stripe is a payment gateway platform used to accept or make payments. It is primarily geared for businesses with in-house development as well as seeking to collect credit or debit card payments both online and over the phone. 

With Vtiger and Stripe integration, you can do the following:

  • Add the stripe gateway in the Payment gateway configuration
  • Use auto payment in subscriptions module via Stripe
  • Make payments to your vendors
  • Accept payments from your customers using credit card or debit card details.

To know more about Stripe Integration in Subscriptions, click here.



  • You can cancel an approval request from the record by clicking the Cancel Approval Request button on the top banner.


  • You can find the Engagement Score and Profile Score fields in the Deep Dive View of a contact record.
  • You can find all the engagements made with the contact in the Summary View > Activity widget > Engagements block.
  • In the Kanban View, you can view deals in all the pipelines by clicking on Filters > selecting All in Pipeline drop-down.


  • Opportunities is renamed as Deals for new customers.
  • You can find the default Sales Stage as New, and the Ready to Close Sales Stage is placed before Closed Won.


  • While composing an email, you can add various links in the email body like - Appointment Links, Survey Links, and Document Links.

Email Campaigns

  • If you are using the Email Campaigns module for the first time, you must read the CAN-SPAM Act Agreement and accept the terms and conditions.


  • While importing a CSV file, you can prevent duplication by either skipping or merging the records having the same values.


  • While setting up a group mailbox, you can verify it only once, and the verification link expires after 24 hours.


  • If an invoice is linked to a contact, you can send an SMS from the invoice to the contact directly. This functionality is the same for all inventory-related modules.


  • You can configure mailroom rules and convert incoming emails to Contacts, Deals, Cases, etc.

Quick Create

  • You can add an esign document directly from Quick Create by clicking the + icon on the header of the screen.


  • When you click on a shared report, you can view different results by applying filters and changing the conditions.


  • You can send events and tasks for approval if there is an approval rule configured for the module.
  • You cannot set a due date for a task if it has a subtask.
  • You can convert a task to a billable task by filling the fields in the Service Details block.

Web Chats

  • A chat is visible to all online agents only if it is Open status. If the chat is assigned to an agent, it will not be visible to other agents. 


  • The number of available workflows for One Professional edition is 100, and One Enterprise edition is 150.


  • You can add a reminder to a record by clicking the Alarm Clock icon in the Summary View. This reminder will help you in finishing held-up work.
  • In the Summary View of a record, you can directly edit the fields present in the header.
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