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March 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in March 2020.
Rashmi Kashyap
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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Bills are generated from a purchase order to initiate payments to vendors. Bills are generated after receiving the ordered items. Bills are records that specify the payments made to the vendor on a particular purchase order.

To know more about Bills, click here.

Facebook Integration with Web Chats

Integrating Facebook with Vtiger CRM through Web Chats enables customer service representatives to respond to queries quickly. It also paves the way for social media marketing for your business. You can view matching contacts through the first name and the visitor’s last name and merge with an existing contact. 

Your agents can respond to Facebook messages in real-time from the Chat console. There will be no necessity to go back and forth to Facebook to check messages, thereby saving time.

To know more about Facebook Integration with Web Chats, click here.

Help Center

Help Center is a customizable website that hosts all the content you publish. You can publish technical documentation or announce essential details about your company. You can share the Help Center’s link on your official website and other social media platforms so that the customers know where they must go for information.

To know more about the Help Center, click here.

Help Desk Insights

Help Desk Insights consists of widgets that display information in charts. Each chart shows a specific set of data related to the support team’s performance. This feature is beneficial for support team managers and supervisors, who can get all important metrics such as the number of backlogs, violated and escalated cases, SLA performance, and more with Help Desk Insights.

To know more about Help Desk Insights, click here.

Internal Ticket Insights

Internal Ticket Insights is a dashboard that gives you information related to internal tickets. The status of internal tickets, the response on closed tickets, the team’s performance, and other metrics are readily available with a few clicks.

To know more about Internal Ticket Insights, click here.


Timelogs module will help you keep track of the time spent on activities, and in turn, you will be able to reach your goals smoothly.

Benefits of Timelogs:

  • Create a schedule to complete work on time.
  • Identify and eliminate low-value activities on which you may be wasting time.
  • Record time against a specific client and automatically bill for tracked hours.
  • Avoid procrastination and postponing the work.

In Vtiger CRM, Timelogs is used in Tasks, Cases, Internal Tickets, and Work Orders modules.  

To know more about Timelogs, click here.

Work Orders

The work to be performed on a customer asset or a service to be completed as per the customer’s request is considered as Work Orders. In Vtiger CRM, you can use the Work Orders module to create and manage work orders and add service appointments.

Benefits of Work Orders:

Work Orders empowers your field services team to, 

  • create appointments for your onsite services
  • manage implementation and repairs
  • perform maintenance
  • track the time spent on each service

To know more about Work Orders, click here.



  • You cannot filter alerts in the My Actions tab. All the actions will be listed by default.


  • If your email has more than one attachment, you can click the Download icon to download all the attachments in a ZIP file with their original names.

Find Duplicates

  • If you have duplicate records in any module, you can select up to three records and merge them by clicking the Merge button on the page’s top right.


  • You can add product bundles in all inventory line items. A product bundle is nothing but a set of all products.

Journey Tasks

  • While moving a deal to a different stage, you can skip the pending tasks in the current and intermediate stages.

List View

  • The Filters button in the List View is removed and is replaced with a Search bar. The search bar identifies the words and auto-suggests a list of all the available filters. It matches your search phrases to the values in the picklist or multi-select field options. You can use these filters to find the desired records.

If your search includes:

  • A character that is a part of a picklist, then those fields are displayed first.
  • A 'Yes' or 'No', then the checkbox fields are displayed.
  • An integer, or a decimal, then you will see multiple less than, equals to, and greater than options along with the currency, integer, and decimal fields in the filter.
  • The ‘@’ character, then the email field, is displayed first in the filter options.
  • A ‘+’ character, then phone number fields are given priority in the filter options and then the rest.
  • A date, then fields like Today, Tomorrow, Next 30 days, etc., are displayed in the filter options.

Sales Insights

  • You can find the folder view of all the reports on the left side panel on the page. This will help you in quick navigation between charts.

Sales Orders

  • Recurring invoice fields are removed from the Sales Orders module, and you can use the Subscriptions module instead.

Web Chats

  • You can add a case and/or send an email to your customers by going to the Agent console > More button in the chat > Add Case and Send Email option.



  • When you change the pipeline or sorting of deals in Kanban View, the data gets reloaded automatically.

Print Templates

  • You can now add state code and country code in print templates along with state name and country name.


  • You can add subtasks to the current task.
  • You can add other tasks to a current task by clicking on the Related Tasks widget on the right-side panel.
  • You can add subtasks to the tasks listed under the Related Tasks widget.
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