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May 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in May 2020.
Rashmi Kashyap
8 Sep, 2023 - Updated 10 months ago
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Help Center

Help Center is a customizable website that hosts all the content you publish. You can publish technical documentation or announce essential details about your company.

You can do the following in the Help Center:

  • Log in to the Help Center using your portal credentials
  • Comment on articles
  • View related articles of an article
  • Submit a request from the Help Center

To know more about the Help Center, click here.

SMS Campaigns

SMS marketing is a text-based service used to send promotional messages such as discount offers and product updates. With the Vtiger SMS Campaigns module, you can:

  • Create and send out mass SMS messages
  • Track delivery statuses in real-time
  • Configure reply actions for SMS replies

However, you need a person’s consent to send them SMS messages. To know more about SMS Campaigns, click here.


Appointment Pages

  • You can insert an appointment link in an email and send it to your customers.


  • You can enter your Google Analytics tracker code in the Articles’ Settings page. By doing this, you can track the activity on the Help Center website in Google Analytics.


  • While generating an invoice from a case, the case’s title is copied to the invoice’s subject.
  • While generating a work order from a case, the case’s title is copied to the work order’s subject along with the other details.


  • You can enable comments roll-up and see all the related records’ comments on the current record.


  • If a product is linked to a contact, then when you create a quote from the contact, the product will be automatically linked to the quote.
  • You can see the contact’s image in the Summary View beside the contact name.

Customer Portal

  • The Announcements field in the Customer Portal is changed to an RTE field from a text field. You can add texts and other elements to that field.

Customer Sentiments 

  • When you hover on the customer sentiment in a contact or deal record, you can see the emoticon’s description and its cause. Furthermore, you can also see a preview of the record from which the sentiment was derived.


  • While adding documents to other records, you can upload them from your computer or attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or One Drive.

Email Campaigns

  • When you duplicate an email campaign, you can select if it has to be a Regular Campaign or an Autoresponder Campaign.

Find Duplicates

  • You can track duplicates in the Events module and eliminate them from the CRM.


  • In the List View, you can track your emails by the tick mark on the right side of each email.
  • If you have scheduled an email, you can see the due date and time when you hover on the right side of each email.
  • You will be notified if a mail from the group mailbox is assigned to you. You can enable or disable this alert from Actions > Settings > Engagement Alerts

List View

  • You can open a record in the new tab by right-clicking on the subject (hyperlink) and selecting Open link in new tab

SMS Messages

  • You can see the status of a sent SMS message, which will be automatically updated in the Status Message field.


  • Subtasks in tasks are listed in the ascending order of created time.

Web Chats

  • You can comment in any transcript by going to the Summary View of the chat > Activity widget > Add Comment.
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