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July 2020

Get details about the features and enhancements released in July 2020.
Rashmi Kashyap
20 Jan, 2021 - Updated 2 months ago


Facebook Ad Integration 

You can now integrate your Facebook business page with Vtiger to capture lead data through lead ads and lead forms.

Here are a few benefits of this integrating Facebook with Vtiger CRM:

  • Create and customize your Ad content easily using Forms.
  • Promote your products and services to a wider audience.
  • Run your marketing campaigns on Facebook and target a broad audience in a short amount of time.
  • Capture lead data from multiple campaigns automatically, making the process effortless.
  • Get your Facebook leads delivered to the CRM instantly.
  • Keep in touch with your leads using the Web Chats option.
  • Generate reports and analyze the metrics.

To know more about Facebook Ads and its integration with Vtiger, click here.

Customer Portal

  • You can see the Tasks tab in the customer portal, replacing Project Tasks.
    • Only Billable Tasks are shown in the portal.
    • You can see the Task fields, Comments, Documents, Updates.
    • Customers/Users can add comments in the portal.
    • Portal users can attach documents to a task.
    • You can see a Globe icon in tasks’ comments indicating it is published in the portal.
    • You can enable the Notify Customer checkbox while adding a comment on the task. This will publish the comment on the portal as well as send an email to the customer.
    • The tasks’ followers will receive a notification when comments are made via CRM/Portal/API.
    • Customers/Users can filter the tasks’ list based on task type and task status.
    • Tasks linked to Contacts and Contacts’ projects will be visible on the portal.
    • When a user types ‘+’ in a billable task’s comment section, unclosed contacts having access to the customer portal will be notified. Contacts must be linked to an organization linked to the project or directly linked to the project/task.



  • If you post a comment with an attachment, you can see the attachment’s preview when you click on it.

Email Campaigns

  • You can insert document links by clicking the Browse CRM button next to the Add a Vtiger Document Link option in an email campaign.

Phone Calls

  • You can record calls if you are using Vtiger Built-in telephony gateway and Twilio gateway.

Related Tasks 

  • You can now see the Field name : Field value when you hover on the tasks’ header fields under the Related Tasks widget.

Roles and Profiles

  • You can add up to ten roles and ten profiles to your account in Sales Starter, Help Desk Starter, and Marketing Starter editions.

Web Chats

  • Whenever a Web Chat record with Offline status gets created, a case record gets automatically created via a workflow.

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