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March 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in March 2021.
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 7 months ago
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  • The billing alert is shown only when users are added to CRM accounts with an active subscription. It is not shown in free trial instances.


  • Auto drafting case replies 
    • When replying to a case from the Activity section, your reply is automatically saved when you leave the window. You can continue where you left off when you open the reply window again.


  • You can now send a survey link to a contact directly from the contact record. 
  • Click the More icon on the top right corner of the contact record to find the Send Survey Link option.


  • You can now see the line items block while you are creating a deal.

Sales Orders/Tally

  • Syncing sales orders from Tally to Vtiger is now available.
  • You can also sync taxes from Tally to Vtiger.  


  • Calling up your vendors is now easy. You can hover over a vendor record in the List View to see the call option. You can also call a vendor from the Summary View of the vendor record.



  • Overlapping values in a bar chart of a report can be shown by disabling the Overlap Values toggle button. You can find the button in the Charts section while creating a report. 
  • You can get the grand total of all the bar values in the bar chart of a report by enabling the Show totals in legend toggle button. 


  • When Ledgers in Tally are synced with Vtiger’s Organizations, subgroups or custom groups created under Sundry Debtors or Sundry Creditors in Tally are updated in the CRM’s organization records. A new field called Ledger Group is added to the Organizations module. 
    • For example, if you create a ledger in Tally under Sundry Debtors > Subgroup 1, then the Ledger Group field in the related organization record shows Subgroup 1. Similarly, if you create a ledger under Tally’s Sundry Creditors > Subgroup 2, then the Ledger Group in the related organization record shows Subgroup 2. 


  • The Create Task action has been added to workflows created with Project Milestones as the Target Module. This allows you to automatically create tasks upon any trigger occurring on a project milestone. 

Zoom Meet

  • A recording of Zoom meetings is stored in the meeting record’s field called Recording Link after the Zoom event is marked as Held.
  • When an invitee joins a Zoom meeting, the Invitee status changes to Joined in the Zoom event record.
  • Note: The features above are available only for licensed or paid Zoom members.
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