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December 2021

Get details about the features and enhancements released in December 2021.
11 Dec, 2023 - Updated 5 months ago
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Release 1

We’re updated Vtiger CRM packages from December 17th, 2021.

  • New sign-ups from Dec 17th will have options to subscribe to One Pilot, One Professional, and One Enterprise editions only.
  • Also as a part of the repositioning, you can add Single App and Light Agent users if you have at least one Standard or Admin user.



  • The new Advanced option in the Create Event action allows you more flexibility to decide the start and end times of the event.
    • You must choose Advanced from the Start Time and End Time fields. 
    • Then, add the number of minutes or days before/after the created time, modified time, etc.



  • When you assign a case to a group and remove the Assigned To user from the group, you will see an exclamation icon (!) against the Assigned To field in the List View and Detailed View.
    • In the List View, the icon is clickable, and you can change the Assigned To user by clicking. 


  • You can see the Purchase Cost and Margin fields in the deals’ line items.


  • You can now upload multiple documents at once to the Documents module.
  • Multiple documents can also be uploaded to case replies and comments

Duplicate Records

  • The Duplicate Records widget under One View now provides the option to merge duplicates.


  • A new field called Defective Quantity has been added to the Products module.
    • Defective Quantity is increased with the quantity returned when a Sales Return or Purchase Return is raised (with ‘Closed’ status). The reason for return is set to ‘Damaged’.
    • On the other hand, the Defective Quantity is decreased when a Sales Return or Purchase Return is reopened

Quick Create

  • You can now add Invoices from the Quick Create window.

SAML/Single Sign-On

  • You can now provide a Logout URL in the CRM’s SAML settings. If you have logged in to Vtiger through Single Sign-On (SSO), and then you log out, you are redirected to the logout URL.


  • When replying to a tweet on Twitter, you can select/deselect users to whom you want to reply as per your preference.
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