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Lavanya R
11 Jun, 2024 - Updated 1 month ago
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Vtiger CRM has a Coaching module that is designed to assess and analyze the performance of support agents using voice calls, email, and chat metrics. This module helps managers evaluate agent interactions and improve voice-based customer support.

It helps provide feedback, and identify areas for improvement within the context of voice, email, and chat-based customer support. 

Supervisors can review call metrics, including duration, resolution, satisfaction ratings, and other performance indicators in the Coaching module. By leveraging this module, organizations can enhance agent productivity, customer service quality, and overall team performance for customer support teams.

The Coaching module provides two dashboards called Players and Coaches.


The Players dashboard is for sales and customer support representatives. It shows their interaction summary, reviews, and ratings. It also shows coaching materials suggested by managers after the review.

It helps them identify the improvements they must make in emails, chats, and phone calls. An agent can also request a manager to review emails and calls from their dashboard.

Players dashboard is divided into Summary and Concepts. The Summary consists of Phone Calls and Emails.

It does the following using the analyzed data:

  • Phone calls: It generates the data below from voice recordings and transcripts.
    • Talk-to-Listen Ratio - Find out how much your sales reps spoke on a client call. Ideally, in a conversation between agents and customers, agents must speak only for 50-60% of the entire duration. 
    • Mood - Is your sales rep speaking passionately or reading from a script? Calculus helps you detect the mood of your sales reps from their tone. 
    • Rate of Speech - Is the sales rep too fast or too slow? Calculus rates their speech automatically. After analyzing the phone calls, Calculus automatically flags conversations that need to be reviewed by managers.
    • Meeting actions - It also identifies action items or next steps discussed on calls and notifies sales and support reps about them.
  • Emails: The AI-based Calculus analyzes emails to do the following:
    • Identifying improvement areas - It looks for grammatical errors and completeness of response.
    • Email Reply Assistant - Information is available at your fingertips when you have to reply to a prospect or a client!

Calculus analyzes incoming emails and provides recommendations for replies based on the content. It even recommends email templates and documents to include in your reply. 


The Coaches dashboard is meant for managers. Calculus helps managers become coaches by using conversational analysis and flagging.

As a manager, you can view the details of your sales representatives’ customer engagements through scorecards and ratings. This will help in reviewing their performance and suggest improvements, if any. 

You will have the following information on the Coaches dashboard:

  • Phone calls and emails that you need to review 
  • Talk-to-Listen ratio
  • Mood chart
  • Rate of Speech chart
  • Charts showing the sales and support reps’ performance trend over time 
  • Topic suggestion for the next coaching session

Note: The Coaches dashboard is available if your subordinates report to you. 

The Coaches dashboard consists of Meetings, Phone Calls, Emails, and Chats.

  • Meetings: It identifies action items or next steps discussed in meetings and notifies sales and support reps about them.
  • Phone Calls: It generates the data below from voice recordings and transcripts.
  • Emails: Emails are analyzed by Calculus which looks for grammatical errors and completeness of response.
  • Chats: Agent Chat conversations can be analyzed, and the tone of messages is analyzed. Agents are trained, for any improvisation

When you click on Emails, the email will open. You will find the following:

  • Email content: The content of the mail is displayed.
  • Grammar mistakes: It will look for any grammar errors and display them here.
  • Overall Rating: The overall rating of the mail is given in the form of five stars. One star being poor and 5 stars being extraordinary.
  • Scorecards: The Scorecards are given based on the following Email Responses in the form of stars for each category:​​​​​​
    • Greeting
    • Grammar
    • Formatting 
    • Content
    • Reference links
    • End Note
  • Reviewer’s Note: The reviewer can add a note for any improvement in the email.
  • Concept: In case a course has to be taken up, you can add the Concept here by choosing from the Concept list.

Role of Calculus in Coaching Module

Calculus analyzes the conversations that you have with your customers. The content can come from voice recordings, transcripts, and emails. Based on the conversations, Calculus will provide suggestions for improvement.

The Ask Calculus AI allows users to interact directly with Calculus AI through commands. Ask Calculus feature is available for all modules in the CRM on the top of the screen. You can find the Ask Calculus icon on the top header of the screen. The icon will be available irrespective of which module you open.

Feature Availability

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Here are the benefits of Coaching:

  • Training: Coaching modules can be used for onboarding new team members. It can provide them with structured training, ensuring they understand the sales process and product/service offering.
  • Goal Oriented: The Coaching module can help align individual sales targets and goals with the broader organizational objectives, ensuring that every team member is working towards the same objectives.
  • Real-time feedback: Managers can provide real-time feedback on sales calls, meetings, and opportunities. This immediate feedback loop helps sales representatives make necessary adjustments quickly.
  • Performance metrics: By tracking key performance metrics such as chats, emails, and phone calls, the Coaching module can help identify areas where individual sales reps may need improvement
  • Accountability: It promotes accountability among sales reps as they know their activities and results are being monitored and evaluated

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Adding Filters

Key Terminology

Key Term



Coaching is to help train the sales teams to improve the performance and productivity of their sales teams.


The Players are the sales and customer support representatives. The Players tab in the Coaching module shows their interaction summary, reviews, and ratings. 


The Coaches are meant for managers. Calculus helps managers become coaches by using conversational analysis.

Talk-to Listen ratio

The Talk-to Listen Ratio is a metric often used in communication and interpersonal skills training. It is the balance between talking and listening in a conversation.


This is the tone of the sales reps while interacting with the customers.

Rate of speech

The rate of speech, also known as speech tempo or speaking rate, refers to how fast or slow a sales rep speaks when communicating.


Scorecards are designed to provide a visual representation of key metrics, making it easier to assess and communicate results.

Adding Filters

Filters allow us to find a group's response to emails. Filters in the Sales stage allow fetching any call details. You can also add filters for Contact status and Contact type.

The filtered list will appear.

Follow these steps to add filters:

  1. Log in to the CRM.
  1. Go to Sales.
  2. Go to the Others section.
  3. Select Coaching. The Coaching module opens.
  1. Click More Filters on the right side of the screen. The Filters window opens.
  1. Select or enter the following information:​​​​​​
    1. Select Sales Stage
    2. Select Contact Status


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