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Vtiger Terms of Service(ToS) Update - March 2024

Abdul Sameer
15 Mar, 2024 - Updated 3 months ago
Table of Contents

Vtiger's Updated Terms of Service

Vtiger updated its Terms of Service (ToS) effective from March 27, 2024. These updates reflect Vtiger’s ongoing commitment to security, transparency, and providing the best possible experience. 

Following is a summary of the key changes:


We've added information on reporting unauthorized access and clarified your and our responsibilities for the secure usage of Vtiger products (Section 5.6).

Payments and Billing

  • Added details on how Vtiger’s payment processor handles your information. For payments in USD, BRL, CAD, GBP, EURO, ZAR, SGD, and AUD, billing will be done under the name Applibase DBA Vtiger, and the same name will be exhibited on your invoices, payment transactions, or statements (section 7.3).
  • Clarified that payments for additional storage, add-ons, and specific service fees are non-refundable upon service commencement (section 7.5).
  • Adjusted the timeframe for account suspension due to failed payments and reduced the suspended account deletion period from 75 to 45 days (section 7.6).
  • Added a clause on sales tax information(country-wise applicable tax rates), accessible through our help documentation (section 7.10).
  • Clarified the responsibilities of Vtiger’s authorized reseller partners when you place your orders and process payment through them (section 7.12).

Data Hosting and Sub-processors

  • Added new sections explaining data center location based on your signup information, including how to migrate your data to a different center if needed to comply with applicable regulations (section 9.3.1).
  • Added information on Vtiger’s sub-processors, data hosting responsibilities, and a link to Vtiger’s Sub-Processors list (section 9.3.2).

Intellectual Property

  • Renamed Trademarks to Intellectual Property Rights and explained Vtiger IPRs, how Vtiger uses your name, logos, and use case in its marketing materials for internal and external purposes, and its communication address in case you wish to revoke authorization to use your name and logo in Vtiger's Promotional Materials (section 15.1).
  • Explained how Vtiger uses your product usage data to improve the service (without storing confidential information). This data is only used by Vtiger and the reseller partner you authorized (section 15.2).

Reviewing the Changes

Vtiger encourages you to review its updated Terms of Service. The text highlighted in blue represents newly added content, while the text struck through in gray has been removed from the current Terms of Service compared to the previous version.

Your Continued Use

By continuing to use Vtiger after March 27, 2024, you acknowledge and agree to the updated Terms of Service.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns about these updates, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@vtiger.com before March 27, 2024.

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