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Is there a way to send alerts before the violation of an SLA?

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Yes, you can configure such alerts while setting up the SLA policy.

Follow these steps to configure alerts for SLA violations:
  1. Click your display picture on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select SLA Policies under Support.
  4. Click +Add Customer SLA.
  5. Enter the details such as SLA name, operational hours, etc.
  6. Set the first response and resolution limits under Set SLA Targets.
  7. Enable the Alert checkbox to configure an email alert.
  8. Configure alerts under Configure Email Alerts (before Violation) by entering the following details:
    • Users: Users who must be alerted before SLA violation.
    • Before SLA Violation: When the email alert must be sent - number of minutes, hours, or days before SLA violation.
    • Email Template: Template that must be used to send the email alert.
  9. Click Save.
Note: The Configure Email Alerts (before Violation) block appears only when you enable the Alert checkbox under Set SLA Targets.
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