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What are SLAs?
When a case's SLA status says Time Left, what does this mean?
How will SLAs benefit me?
I have a Sales Starter edition of Vtiger CRM. Can I configure SLAs in this?
What are the types of SLA I can create in the CRM?
What is a Customer SLA?
What is an Internal SLA?
How can I configure an SLA Policy?
What is difference between Business Hours and Calendar Hours?
What are the SLA Targets?
Why should I set SLA Targets? What is its importance?
My SLA policy is based on Business Hours. What will happen if I don't set SLA Targets?
I want to get alerts before an SLA violation happens. Can I configure this?
I need to be notified when an SLA violation happens. Can I configure this?
I don't want the SLA Timer to be running in certain case states. Is this possible?
Why are SLA Statuses necessary?
The case is closed, but the customer has replied to it. What will happen to the status of the case?
I saw the SLA status as Fulfilled in a Case. What does this mean?
My case is in New status, what will the SLA timer do??
How will I know when an SLA has been violated on a case?
How can I understand the dependency of cases on SLAs?
I am waiting for my customer to reply on the case. Will the SLA timer still run?
When will the SLA timer on a case stop?
What happens when a Case or an Internal Ticket gets escalated?
The case is resolved. But I can see a + sign in the status. What does this mean?

Where do I create an SLA policy in the CRM?

Follow the steps to create an SLA Policy:

  1. Sign In to your account.
  2. Click the User Menu on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the Settings button.
  4. Look for the Support section.
  5. Select SLA Policies.
You can create new SLA Policies here.
To know more about SLA Policies, click here.
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