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How do I be notified when an SLA violation happens?

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Yes, you can configure escalation emails that are sent to notify users about an SLA violation. Users can be sales managers, account managers, or other stakeholders interacting with customers. The CRM allows you to select a priority level to alert stakeholders about escalations.
Here is how you can do this:

  1. Enable the Escalation checkbox to set the priority level
  2. Configure the following: 
    1. Select the users from your company’s hierarchy who should be notified about the SLA violation. 
    2. Enter the time when the email alert must be sent after the SLA is violated.
    3. Select an email template to send the alert.

You can click the + Add Escalation button to add multiple escalation alerts at different time intervals with the same or different users for the same SLA policy.
To know more about SLA Policies, click here.  

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