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Where can I find the login history?
What is login history?
Can I see a user's sign-in and sign-out time in the CRM?
Can I know how long a user spent time working on the CRM?

What information does a user's login history provide?

A user's login history provides the following information:
  • User Name - The name of the logged-in user
  • User IP Address - The IP address from which a user logged in
  • Sign-In Time - The date and time at which a user logged in to the CRM
  • Sign-Out Time - The date and time at which a user logged out of the CRM
  • Browser - The browser used to log in
  • Status - Whether a user is currently signed in or signed out. The Status is ‘Continuing’ if a user continues to log in to the session from the previous day

To learn more about Login History in the CRM, click here.
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