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What are the currencies supported by Paypal?
What is PayPal?
How can I create a business account in PayPal?
How can I configure PayPal?
How can I change my payment source in PayPal?
I am receiving this error - The total amount of all payments exceeds the maximum total amount for all payments. What does it mean?
I am getting errors while setting up my card. What should I do?
How do PayPal and Vtiger CRM integration work?

Can I change my payment source in PayPal?

Yes, you can. 
You can change your credit or debit card details in PayPal to make payments to pre-approved billing easy. This section will help you update your payment method in PayPal (also known as payment source) so that their order can be charged. This will help you if you are notified that your payment is declined or if you need to update an expired/incorrect credit card.
Alternatively, you can also choose to add money to your PayPal balance. This is the easiest method to cover the cost of the purchase.
After making changes, please notify your seller so that the order can be charged.

To know more about PayPal, click here.
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