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How can I sync calendars in the Vtiger Outlook plugin?

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Follow these simple steps to synchronize events from Outlook to Vtiger CRM and vice versa:
  1. Click Synchronize Calendar to sync events.
  2. After fetching Vtiger CRM data, a pop-up will display the updates done on both ends (Vtiger CRM and Outlook).
  3. Click Show Details to see the information of records to be updated.
  4. Click Accept Changes to update changes on both ends.
Note: If you invite any Outlook attendees, an Event is created in Vtiger after Calendar sync. If the invitee’s email id exists as a Contact in your Vtiger CRM, then that Contact is mapped to that Event in the Event detail view. Similar behavior happens when you create an Event in Vtiger and then sync with Outlook.

To know more about the Microsoft Outlook plugin, click here.
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