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How can I set up a cron for exchange in the task scheduler?

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Follow these steps to set up cron in Windows task scheduler for Exchange:
  1. Click Start
  2. Go to Administrative Tools
  3. Select Task Scheduler.
  4. Right-click on the Task Scheduler page.
  5. Select Create New Task.
  6. In the General tab, provide a label and description of your task in the Name and Description fields.
  7. Click the Triggers tab to schedule a new trigger.
  8. Click New.
  9. The recommended values are Daily, Repeat task every 10-15 minutes, and Indefinitely.
  10. Click on the Actions tab to create a new action.
  11. Click New.
  12. Click Browse to find a path for the VtigerCron.exe file on your computer. You must browse through Exchange Component installation files > VtigerCron folder > VtigerCron.exe.
Once done, the task is displayed along with a list of other tasks.
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