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How do I import contacts using Vtiger Enrich?

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When you are looking for contacts on the Connections page (under My Network) or People Search, you can do the following in Enrich:
  • Import a contact - You can import a single contact by clicking the Import button. 
  • Import a batch of contacts - You can import all the connections shown on a single LinkedIn page by clicking the Import All button. 
    • You can import up to 10 connections at once from the Search > People filter.
    • You can import up to 40 connections at once from My Network > Connections.
  • Update or Import matching contacts - If a connection matches a Vtiger contact, you will see either the View Contact or View Match button. You can choose to update the existing contact record or import it as a new one. You can click the icon on the top right to view the contact record in the CRM.
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