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What is Grid Edit?
Is Grid Edit available by default in the CRM?
How can I add Grid Edit in the CRM?
Where can I see Grid Edit in the CRM?
What can I do in the Grid Edit?
How many records can I edit in the Grid Edit?
Can I disable the Grid Edit?
What can I do when I hover on a record in the Grid Edit?
What can I do when I select a record in the Grid Edit?

What are the limitations of Grid Edit?

Here are a few limitations of the Grid Edit:
  • Grid Edit is available only in the following inventory modules - Products, Services, and Price books.
  • You can only edit the field values of the columns added to the list. 
  • You cannot edit closed records. If you try to edit a closed record, an error message will be displayed like this - This record is closed and can not be modified.
  • You cannot change the currency type in a multi-currency field as it has a dependency on other fields.
  • You cannot edit the Amount field in Deals if it contains line items.
  • You cannot edit Images, Rich Text, Text area, Grid, Multipicklist fields.
  • Any errors while saving the record will be skipped and continued to the next record.
    • Duplicate prevention is not handled in Grid Edit.
    • Journey template validation errors.
  • An approvals confirmation popup will not be shown as we do mass-save from the list view.
To know more about Grid Edit, click here.
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